Mission & Background

We shall maintain our reputation as the most competent, independent and reliable advisor to our clients through sharing our technical knowledge and skills with our present and potential clients on accounting, audit & assurance, taxation and other related areas which might evolve from the changing business and legal environment. We shall continue to serve our society by providing with generations of specialist accountants enlightened to contribute to our mutual endeavor to achieve an organized, transparent and accountable reporting regime.

Mr. Md. Jainul Abedin, the founder Partner of our Firm, joined Price Waterhouse Peat & Co. as a Covenanted Qualified Assistant in 1959. He worked there for three years until 1962 when he joined Akbar G. Merchant, a leading accounting firm in the then East Pakistan as a partner. In 1965 M. J. Abedin & Co.(MJA) was registered as a proprietorship Firm but Mr. Abedin continued his partnership with Mr. Merchant until the closure of the Akbar G Merchant in 1971. Soon after the liberation war MJA started its operation inheriting the client base of Akbar G Merchant and struggled in the war-torn economy as most of its client companies were either nationalized or closed. But with strong will and honest determination Mr. Abedin reshaped his Firm, concentrated on diversity of services to meet the requirements of the new generation clients. Results came sooner than expected and MJA witnessed its rapid growth with the growing client base.

MJA became a Partnership in 1980 when Mr. Manzoor-ul Alam joined as a partner. Other partners followed him at different stages, Mr. Kamrul Abedin in 1986, Mr. Hasan Mahmood in 1991 and Mr. Harun Mahmud in 2006. Mr. Hanif Mahmud joined in 2009 as a Qualified Assistant and is expected to join the partnership soon.

As the practice grew with its clients, the need for international affiliation became apparent. In 1996, a year after working as a correspondent firm, MJA finally became a member of the Moore Stephens International Limited, a network of over 351 leading independent accounting and consulting firms with more than 630 offices in 98 countries. We consider this membership as recognition of the quality of our services that match globally accepted best practice. Thus from a modest start in 1965, we stand today, serving over four hundred corporate clients and hundreds of individuals and in this journey we look back to our history only to be inspired to move forward.

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Dhaka – 1205, Bangladesh
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